Preparing To List Your Home

What To Do When Preparing To List Your Home…

It is important that we work together to create the best environment in your home that will attract the best buyers!  

In this environment, our goal is to create space by using light and removing items that aren’t currently being used.  Also, we need to maintain cleanliness, and offer a fresh smell.

Although not all of these items will apply to your home, we need to address the ones that do.  These items can help us get you the most money for your house!  

These simple little touches can make the difference in our buyer choosing a competing home or yours.  Let’s work together on this to get your home SOLD!!

  1. Put trash in trash cans and please don’t let it overflow.
  2. Put dirty laundry in the hamper and be careful not to let it overflow.
  3. Trim back any bushes that may be protruding onto the walkways or covering the windows.
  4. Keep yard mowed and watered.  Add bright flowers to the front to attract the attention of our buyer.
  5. Keep all hoses and any other trip-hazards picked up and put away.
  6. Shampoo or steam clean carpets.
  7. Vacuum, Dust, and Mop weekly.  High traffic areas may need more attention.  Foot prints, drips and spills should be quickly mopped up.
  8. Use higher wattage light bulbs in darker rooms.  Some rooms may need floor spotlights.
  9. Remove as many items from the refrigerator as possible and the kitchen counter tops.
  10. Clean out closets – pack up all seasonal items and put into storage rather than in your garage.
  11. Go ahead and pack many of your personal belongings.  This way the buyers are not distracted from the room itself while admiring your personal touches to your décor.
  12. Remove all prescriptions from the bathroom and put in the kitchen cabinet.
  13. Keep all valuables out of side, yet in a open room where one could not shut themselves inside and be left unsupervised.
  14. If anyone comes to your door as an agent or a buyer, without first being notified of the appointment – do not let them enter.  
  15. Pets:
          • Clean out the kitty litter box daily.
          • Clean all indoor pet cages daily.
          • Indoor pets need to be bathed/groomed weekly.
          • If your pet sheds, please vacuum the furniture often.
          • Be sure to put your pet(s) in the backyard, crate, or playpen while you are away.  Many people are afraid of dogs, and many of the sweetest dogs will bite a stranger when you aren’t around to comfort them.
  16. If anyone smokes inside the home:
    • Smoke only outside and put the butts in a closed container.
    • Shampoo the carpets and all clothe furniture.
    • Wash all cloth window treatments (or dry clean)
    • Clean air ducts.
    • Change air filters.
    • Use an air purifier.
    • Paint the front room and any large area with a neutral, glossy paint.
  1. In the bathroom:
    • Clean or regrout tile.
    • Clean mirrors, sinks, tubs and showers weekly.  
    • Toilets should be cleaned more often.
  1. Items to easily replace:
    • Toilet seat if stained or “dingy”
    • Face plates on switches.
    • Drip pans under the coils on the stove.
    • Burned out light bulbs.